Salsateca at La Finca.

It was at La Finca that Amanda Maitland took her first class one September Wednesday Night. "I used to watch all the top dancers after class and it was then I realised that I’d found my new passion". Amanda taught for Salsateca for several years during her early career as a salsa teacher.
“I worked up from the beginners class with Cliff Josephs, moved on to improvers, then the intermediates, both taught by 2 wonderful lady teachers Louise & Cheryl and then after 6 months I was up with The Master himself Julian the Duke. As for Elder Sanchez, he is one of the legends in the UK salsa scene”.

The Streetbeat Salsa Co.

Amanda Maitland met Alastair Sadler very early in her dancing days and now teaches with him in Camden (The Cuban Bar) and has worked with him on a number of other projects including Turnmills and The One-day intensive Salsa workshops. “Alastair has been my mentor and a great friend I owe a lot to him and his wife Fliss who have encouraged me throughout my teaching career”.

Moe Flex Dance.

Amanda met Moe, many years ago when she invited him to participate as her dance partner in a large Rueda during the Cuban Carnival. They currently work together at a couple of venues where they teach side by side. Moe has also accompanied Amanda on a Club Dance Holiday to Cuba.

Simply Salsa.

Phil & Mandy are one of the top promoters in the London salsa scene and have 5 established club nights a week. They have encouraged and supported Amanda Maitland’s dance teaching and she works as a regular member of their teaching team.

Salsa Explosion.

Amanda Maitland has also worked over the last 3 years with Salsa Explosion, guest teaching and presenting at their UK based Weekenders.
“Enrique Perez and his partner Robert are not only great organisers and hosts, they have become dear friends. I am always thrilled to be invited to teach at any of their events”.

Los Bailarines & Profesores The Cuban Dancers & Teachers.

Everyone who has ever been on a Club Dance Holiday to Cuba throughout the years will always remember Alexis Gonzales. He is known affectionately by all the top band members as ‘Rubio’ and always invited to dance with the bands on stage.
He is the Duracell battery of Havana Night Life and the trips to Cuba would not be the same without him.

A tribute: Harold Williams - Havana, Cuba.

“Harold Williams was the most inspirational man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
It was Osbanis Tejeda who introduced me to Harold whilst in Cuba with my close friend Jacqui in December 2004.
Harold knew and was known to everybody. He had worked with a great many number of dance companies all over the world where he was invited to teach. It all seems so tragic, that his life was cut so short”. Amanda Maitland - March 2006


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